Hellgate: London Quest Details
Primary Quest: Test of Leadership
Located in Ropemaker Street (Act V)


  • Pass the Test of Leadership in Ropemaker Street
  • Access the Sigil of Leadership

  • 3640 experience (normal), 8190 experience (nightmare)

  • This quest will start up automatically after you’ve completed the quest Test of Knowledge.


This test is sort of like a game of chess. You'll start out on the northern side of the "board," and you'll need to kill several enemy "pieces" to win. In particular, you'll need to kill two "bishops" to make the "king" vulnerable, and then you'll need to kill the king.

There are four nodes in the middle of the zone that can be captured. If you control them, then you'll have some extra soldiers at your disposal. If the enemy controls them, then it will have some extra imp lords to play with. From what we can tell, these nodes aren't really important at all, so don't worry about them too much. Just remember to click on any of your nodes that you pass, to make your soldiers follow along with you.

You'll find the two bishops (imp lord colonels) in the southern corners of the zone. You'll find the king (an imp lord general) in the southernmost room in the zone. You should be way more powerful than any of the enemies involved in the test, and so you should be able to run right to the imp officers and kill them. Don't focus too much on the regular imp lords. If you kill them then they'll just re-spawn, and so you won't gain anything.

When you kill the king, you'll be teleported to a room with a Sigil Point in it. Clicking on the Sigil Point will complete the test and send you back to the Father in the entry room. If you want to re-take the test (even if you've already beaten it), just talk to the Father again.