Hellgate: London Quest Details
Primary Quest: Test of Knowledge
Located in London Wall (Act V)


  • Pass the Test of Knowledge in London Wall
  • Access the Sigil of Knowledge

  • 3640 experience (normal), 8190 experience (nightmare)

  • This quest will start up automatically after you’ve completed the quest The Sigil.


This test is sort of like a game of rugby -- but with deadly weapons involved. You'll start out in your "end zone" on the northern side of the map. You'll then need to find and capture a special book, and carry it into the enemy "end zone" on the southern side of the map. If the player carrying the book is killed, then he will be teleported back to his end zone, and the book will be dropped to the ground.

You'll be opposed by three imp lords. The book will always start out in the middle of the map, so you should sprint there right away and try to claim it. If an imp claims the book first, then you'll need to kill it so you can claim the book yourself. Once you've claimed the book, you'll just need to run it into the enemy end zone. It's doubtful that the imps will be able to kill you if you just run past them, so don't worry about attacking them.

If you fail in the test, then you'll be teleported back to the Sage at the start, and you'll be allowed to try again (by talking to the Sage). Once you've "scored" with the book, you'll be teleported to a room with a Sigil Point in it. Clicking on the Sigil Point will complete the test.

If you enjoy the test, you can play it as many times as you'd like -- even after you've beaten it. Just talk to the Sage to start playing.