Hellgate: London Quest Details
Primary Quest: Test Monkey
Given by Brandon Lann in Covent Garden Station (Act I)


  • Travel to the British Museum
  • Breach the Hellrift
  • Use the Fawkes Device
  • Exit the Hellrift

  • None


For this quest you'll need to try out a Fawkes Device, which will supposedly do something to a hellrift. When Brandon Lann gives you the quest, he'll tell you that the only hellrift he knows about is located in the British Museum, and he'll ask you to go there (via Bloomsbury) and activate the device.

The British Museum will alway contains a large room with a circular staircase, but otherwise it'll be random, and so you'll have to hunt around for the hellrift. The quest won't end in the hellrift -- you'll have to return to the museum and do something there, too -- and so it's a good idea to clear out all of the rooms near the hellrift. You'll probably encounter invisible enemies in the area (either defilers or fellbores), and so you should explore thoroughly to make sure that nothing is lurking and waiting to pounce.

Inside the hellrift you'll meet up with some imp troopers and a unique demon named Sekworm. Sekworm isn't the most menacing of demon bosses -- it'll try to stay far away from you and hit you with a fairly wimpy ranged lightning attack -- but it's very annoying anyway because it can completely heal itself any time its health drops below a certain point.

Thus, we'd recommend that you largely ignore Sekworm when you arrive in the hellrift and instead concentrate on the imps until they're all dead. When you focus on Sekworm, if you stay far away from him, then it's easy to dodge his attacks, and you can wear him down with your own ranged attacks. Then once you've damaged him enough, you can move in with whatever skills and attacks work best for you, and try to overwhelm him with a spurt of damage. If you can somehow stun him, that's a good idea, too. Otherwise you'll have to hope that you can do enough damage to him quickly enough that he won't have time to use his regeneration skill. If you find that you just can't kill Sekworm, it's not a big deal. He's optional, and he probably won't drop anything exciting.

After dealing with (or skipping) Sekworm, you'll need to find the Hellrift Power Core (it should be in plain sight in the middle of the "temple") and click on it. That will automatically activate the Fawkes Device and start a countdown giving you 30 seconds to escape. Exiting from the hellrift will then complete the quest and automatically trigger the next primary quest, A Truth Spoken.