Hellgate: London Quest Details
Primary Quest: Mind Mysteries
Given by Lucious Aldin in Charing Cross Station (Act II)


  • Breach Techsmith 314's Mind
  • Reach the Limit of Imagination
  • Speak with Nightmare Lucious
  • Defeat Ultra 314 (the Psyche of 314, the Ego of 314, the Id of 314, and the Super-Ego of 314)
  • Meet the Father / Speak with the Father
  • Report to Lord Arphaun

  • None

Notable Boss Drops (Id/Ego/Super-Ego of 314)

  • You can accept this quest from Lucious Aldin in Green Park Station or Charing Cross Station, but the portal to the Mind of 314 will only appear in Charing Cross Station.
  • Sometimes the quest will end before you can talk to Lord Arphaun.