Hellgate: London Quest Details
Primary Quest: Hold Fast
Given by Arphaun in Charing Cross Station (Act II)


  • Speak with Lord Arphaun
  • Travel to Millennium Battle
  • Find embattled forces
  • Fortify embattled forces (operate 5 defense turrets)
  • Return to Lord Arphaun

  • None


When Lord Arphaun gives you this quest, he'll tell you that the soldiers in Millennium Battle are "under duress," and that he needs you to check on them and assess the situation. When you arrive, you'll meet up with Commander Dixie, who won't be thrilled to see you. "We're staring down annihilation and are relieved by just one person?" Little does she know how lucky she is!

To help out the soldiers, you'll need to explore the area and turn on five defense turrets for them. Each time you click on a turret, it will activate and start helping you out against the demons. A handful of soldiers will also help you out, and that's a good thing because you'll have to face off against some nasty demons, including vortex demons, which are basically walking siege engines. Keep moving to dodge their attacks.

Once you've activated five defense turrets, the remaining turrets will come on-line as well, and they'll make short work of the demons in the area, allowing you to return to Charing Cross Station to report to Arphaun. Arphaun won't reward you with anything, but completing this quest will update the campaign and allow you to forge ahead.