Hellgate: London Quest Details
Primary Quest: Gundown
Given by Rorke Pherral in Temple Station (Act III)

  • Primary Quest (Completed): Hooked

  • Travel to The Big Gundown
  • Operate a turret
  • Kill the exospector
  • Return to Rorke Pherral

  • None


When you arrive at The Big Gundown, you'll find yourself in a building next to a turret and a soldier named Rob Someone. Outside the building, you should notice an exospector, one of those big flying demons that you sometimes see floating through the skies. Your goal in this quest is to operate the turret and shoot down the exospector.

The turret has two attack modes. The right mouse button controls the heavy rockets. These are the rockets you'll need to use to damage the exospector. The left mouse button controls the light rockets. Every so often the exospector will send flying beasts (usually polyps) to attack you, and you can use the light rockets to shoot them down. If you miss any enemies, then Rob Someone will help you out, and so you don't need to worry about them too much. As long as you thin the ranks of the enemies a little, you should be fine.

And so all you'll need to do in this quest is alternate between the two types of rockets, shooting at the exospector with the heavy rockets when no enemies are around, and shooting at the enemies with the light rockets the rest of the time. Eventually the exospector will fall to the ground and crash, and you'll be able to return to Temple Station and report your success to Rorke Pherral.

Note: To activate the turret, you'll need to left click on it. To exit the turret, you'll need to press the space bar.