Haven Posters
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This unofficial quest will not begin until after you've met with Gary at the end of the Nosferatu Warrens during the The Epic of the Ankaran Sarcophagus quest. Anytime after this first meeting, stop by your Haven and check your email to learn that Gary is doing a little spring cleaning and has a few posters available to help lend some eye candy to your Haven. He's not just giving them away, though.

The first poster Gary is offering is one of Jeanette Voerman from The Asylum, but he wants you to obtain a copy of one of his original films called "Tap Hotel" before he'll hand it over. Make your way to the Chinese Theater in the Hollywood district and go into the back theater room. You'll find the tape Gary is looking for lying on the stage just in front of the tattered screen. Return to your Haven and place the tape in your mailbox for Gary's retrieval. The next time you zone into your Haven, the poster of Jeanette will be adorning the walls.

Check your email again to learn that Gary has another poster, but this time he wants you to track down a data CD to earn it from him. The CD you need to obtain is locked away in the safe at Metalhead Industries, but you won't have access to the building unless you've done the A Tangled Web quest. Once you've gained entrance to the facility, log into the 'safe' application on the second floor computer (password: Turbo Lover) and open it up. Grab the CD-Rom and bring it back to your Haven. Place it in your mailbox and return at a later time to find a poster of Damsel (the girl from The Last Round) hanging up.

The third poster you can obtain is one of Velvet Volour, the vampiric stripper from the Vesuvius gentleman's club. This time, Gary has you go in search of a particular photograph, which can be found lying in the bedroom of Apt. #1 at the Skyline Apartments (you may have already grabbed the photo during the Necromantic quest). You'll know you have the right Photo by the blurry image of a Nosferatu on it. Once you place the picture in your mailbox, the walls of your Haven will proudly display the VV poster. It's worthy of note, however, that this poster can also be obtained if you complete both the Hot Stripper Assassin Action! and B-Rated Writer quests to Velvet's specifications. If that's the case, then the Ming Xiao poster detailed below will become the third and final poster you can obtain from Gary.

Gary's fourth and final poster is one of Ming Xiao, the Kuei-jin leader of Chinatown. To earn this one, Gary wants you to find another video tape, this time called "Jock Shot's Swimsuit Shoot". You'll need a good lockpick skill to get this one, though, since it's locked away in a chest back in the Santa Monica district. Pay a visit to Mercurio's apartment building and enter Carson's apartment, the one you may or may not have visited already during the A Bounty For the Hunter quest. With a lockpick skill of 8 or higher, pop open Carson's trunk to reveal the tape Gary is looking for. Return to your Haven one last time and place the tape in your mailbox to become the proud owner of one Ming Xiao poster.

Note: This encounter will not appear in your quest log.