LaCroix Must Die!
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First of all, this quest will never appear in your quest log. I just added it for a central place to cover the Ventrue Tower. Unless you sided with Prince LaCroix, you're going to have to kill him for whoever else you're working for.

When you arrive at the Ventrue Tower, LaCroix's security guard at the main desk asks you to leave. Convince him to leave or kill him, the choice is yours. Move up to the elevator you'd normally take (unless you're a Nosferatu) and kill the guards patrolling the area, if you're not using stealth. The elevator will start bringing you up to the penthouse floor, but will stop short a few levels and you'll be forced to crawl out.

This level is quick and painless. There are only a handful of guards to dispatch of and you can leave as soon as you find the stairs since there's nothing of importance to grab while you're here. The quickest way to the next floor is to take a left out of the elevator, head through the door on your right, go through the door at the end of the conference room, and then move through the door on the right and take the stairs up.

When you reach the next level, take a right immediately after coming through the door (you may have to close the door to go this way). Only one guard patrols this hallway, so take him out and keep following it until you reach a food court patrolled by one guard. Don't go in firing like a madman, though, because several soldiers loaded up with riot gear and poised to drop down through the ceiling glass. These guys are armed with Steyr Aug machine guns and will make short work of you if you're not prepared for them. If you're good with stealth, you can actually get through the whole food court without ever having to face them, though. Regardless of whether you fought them or not, head through the door at the back of the food court near the tables to reach the roof.

The roof is heavily guarded by more soldiers in riot gear. The beauty of these guys, though, is that you can stealth kill them one at a time without any of the others realizing what's going on. If you're not the stealthy type, though, you'll have to go toe-to-toe with them. Use the 'Jaime Sue' and pick them off with two precise shots each. Once they're all dead, crouch into the yellow pipe on the other side of the roof and take it up to a whole new floor.

Another handful of soldiers and security guards await you on this floor. Since this level is much more lit up than the previous ones, you may find it more difficult to stealth by them. It really doesn't matter how you navigate through the plastic-covered walls, since they'll all lead to what appears to be LaCroix. A closer look at the guy strapped with explosives will reveal that it isn't the Prince, though. Instead, it's a soldier that LaCroix has dominated and is now speaking through. Kill the guard as quickly as you can, then grab the Astrolite that he drops. Step onto the elevator behind the guard's body and arm it with your newly acquired explosives. Send the elevator up and watch as it detonates at the top, killing all the guards eagerly waiting for you.

Next, make your way to the now vacant floor and take the next elevator up to the seventh floor. This elaborate level is composed of several offices guarded by Ventrue instead of humans (although you will find at least one security guard too). If you're on a killing spree, explore the level fully to find some ammo in a crate tucked away in one of the back offices. If you're going for a stealthy approach, take a left at the top of the stairs and go through the door at the end. Enter the office on your right to find a computer ripe for the hacking. Log into the 'lights' application (password: hitthelights) and disable them to cloak the whole level in darkness. Once you reach the conference room, take the elevator here up to the Sheriff's floor.

The Sheriff will immediately attack with his overly large sword. This guy is extremely difficult to take on melee combat, so I highly recommend utilizing ranged weapons if at all possible and keep yourself moving at all times. Once you've dealt a significant amount of damage to the Sheriff, he will transform into a large bat-like creature called the Chiropteran Behemoth and drag you through a window out to the roof of the building. With the entire night sky to work with, the Behemoth will fly high above you, then dive down and use its sonar attack to disorient you. Use ranged weapons and disciplines as much as you can to take the beast down. If you begin to feel overwhelmed, utilize the two spotlights here on the roof to temporarily blind the Chiropteran and get yourself several free shots. As soon as it dies, you will be transported into the Prince's penthouse.