Swoop Bike
Swoop Bike
Swoop racing is becoming a very popular sport in the galaxy, with simulcast hyperspace beacons instantly relaying results to countless worlds. Racers that consistently win can expect to gain a loyal following of fans, along with a sizeable amount of money, although sponsors often claim a large percentage of any earnings. Taris remains the hub of the swoop racing circuit, despite a number of gangs and nefarious individuals that attempt to influence outcomes through intimidation.

Since swoop bikes lack the all of the subsystems that weigh down more comfortable or practical vehicles, it is relatively inexpensive to build one. Most are little more than a small cockpit mounted on as large a power source as can be found. The official circuit does have some size regulations to keep the field even, but they are mostly ignored. There is, however, a functional barrier on how powerful a repulsorlift engine can be before the energy output starts to do unpleasant things to the organic creature attempting to straddle it. As a result, most swoop bikes are similar in size, differing mainly in the application of shielding and the monitoring of energy flow.