Most Recent Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic News

Drew Karpyshyn Interview

Posted by ValH at 10:59 am on 09.19.2018 (3 months ago)

Drew Karpyshyn, one of the better known writers behind many of BioWare's games, recently had a chat with the folks from The Inner ...

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Posted by ValH at 10:21 am on 07.16.2018 (5 months ago)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, BioWare's Dungeons & Dragons-inspired take on the galaxy far, far away, was originally...

James Ohlen Leaves BioWare for Tabletop RPG Publishing Venture

Posted by BuckGB at 4:17 am on 07.13.2018 (5 months ago)

There have been many key contributors to the success of BioWare since its inception back in 1995, and as lead designer on many of ...

RPG Design Interview With Vince D. Weller and Mark Yohalem

Posted by ValH at 11:17 am on 02.4.2018 (11 months ago)

Iron Tower Studio's Vince D. Weller and Wormwood Studios' Mark Yohalem talk about the ins and outs of RPG design with Chris Picone...

It’s Time for Knights of the Old Republic to Return

Posted by BuckGB at 4:46 pm on 12.24.2017 (12 months ago)

I suspect that many of you have already caught a showing of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi or will be checking it out at yo...

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - James Ohlen Interview

Posted by ValH at 1:47 pm on 12.12.2017 (1 year ago)

In an interview with Eurogamer, BioWare's James Ohlen opens up about how Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic came to be, the or...

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Celebrating the Legacy of Knights of the Old Republic

Posted by ValH at 1:06 pm on 11.3.2017 (1 year ago)

As BioWare's hit RPG Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic gets ported over to Xbox One through the wonders of backwards compatib...

Star Wars: KotOR Xbox One Compatibility, Performance Upgrades

Posted by BuckGB at 12:17 am on 10.24.2017 (1 year ago)

IGN brings word that BioWare's original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic will be one of thirteen original Xbox games that wi...

Richard Cobbett on RPG Villains

Posted by ValH at 1:16 pm on 07.10.2017 (1 year ago)

The latest of Richard Cobbett's RPG Scrollbars columns talks in detail about the intricate process of creating fun, memorable, and...

PC Gamer's RPG Dream Team

Posted by ValH at 10:55 am on 06.10.2017 (1 year ago)

The editors at PC Gamer have put together a list of the best, in their opinion, RPG companions. The result is quite an eclectic bu...

BioWare's James Ohlen Talks Game Design

Posted by BuckGB at 2:57 am on 05.24.2017 (1 year ago)

Long-time BioWare designer James Ohlen was on hand at this week's Digital Dragons conference in Krakow, Poland, and as a result, t...

Is Being Evil in RPGs Fun?

Posted by ValH at 10:09 am on 05.23.2017 (1 year ago)

Richard Cobbett, in his RPG Scrollbars column on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, ponders whether it is fun to be evil in RPGs. His ultimate ...

PC Gamer's History of RPGs

Posted by ValH at 9:55 am on 05.20.2017 (1 year ago)

Richard Cobbett, a well-known pundit when it comes to RPGs, has put together a comprehensive guide to PC RPGs, starting from way b...

IGN's Top 100 RPGs of All Time, Part 5

Posted by ValH at 11:04 am on 05.6.2017 (1 year ago)

The final 20 titles that IGN considers to be the best of the best when it comes to RPGs have been unveiled. By now, their editors'...

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Video Retrospective

Posted by ValH at 10:44 am on 05.5.2017 (1 year ago)

May 4 marks the so-called International Star Wars day. For this occasion, the folks at GameSpot have prepared a video retrospectiv...

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake Rumors

Posted by ValH at 8:02 pm on 04.10.2017 (1 year ago)

There's a chance that we're going to see a new Knights of the Old Republic game, or at least a remake of the old ones, at some poi...

TrustedReviews' 15 Best RPGs

Posted by ValH at 12:11 pm on 01.19.2017 (1 year ago)

It's not an easy task to pick 15 best RPGs. TrustedReviews has attempted to do just that. I'll be honest with you, RPG veterans ma...

Choice in Gameplay: A Retrospective

Posted by Gpur at 1:54 am on 12.20.2016 (1 year ago)

The development of choice in RPGs is the subject of a long post over at Gamasutra, which charts a path from the ‘80s to pres...

The 10 Best Star Wars Games in the Galaxy, Ever

Posted by BuckGB at 2:34 am on 12.13.2016 (2 years ago)

It's tough for me to get fully behind TechRadar's list of the ten best Star Wars titles when Obsidian's Knights of the Old Republi...

Memories of Evil and Wickedness

Posted by WorstUsernameEver at 1:43 pm on 11.21.2016 (2 years ago)

While his original plan was to take a look at Obsidian's latest CRPG, Tyranny, Richard Cobbett ended up having just enough time to...

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