Legend of Grimrock Alchemy Recipes
There are a handful of potions to brew up using the plants indigenous to Mount Grimrock, all of which have useful effects. You'll need at least one empty Flask, as well as a Mortar and Pestle (found in a Sack at the end of Level 2) in order to create them.

Healing Potion
Ingredients: 1 Flask, 1 Tar Bead

Effect: Restores 50 Health

Energy Potion
Ingredients: 1 Flask, 1 Blooddrop Blossom

Effect: Restores 75 Energy

Ingredients: 1 Flask, 1 Cave Nettle

Effect: Cures Poison

Ingredients: 1 Flask, 1 Slime Bell, 1 Tar Bead

Effect: Cures Disease

Sulphurous Potion
Ingredients: 1 Flask, 1 Grim Cap, 1 Blooddrop Blossom, 1 Cave Nettle

Effect: Rage (Attack Power +10, Evasion -10)

Speed Potion
Ingredients: 1 Flask, 1 Milkreed, 1 Blooddrop Blossom

Effect: Cooldown times halved

Poignant Potion
Ingredients: 1 Flask, 2 Cave Nettle

Effect: Inflicts Poison status