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Loot Drop RPG

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Game Description

Loot Drop’s Old School RPG harkens back to the days when RPGs were king, where you’ll gather your bearings and belongings, leave town, and embark on an incredible journey in a world that seems at once welcoming and friendly... until you meet its dark side...


The epic game includes your favorite old-school features:


• Characters: Create a group of up to 4 characters, choosing from multiple races and professions.
• Skills: Balance your characters’ strengths, weaknesses and skills, knowing each of them affects play.
• Progression: Gain experience and gain levels to hone your characters to your exact liking.
• Recruitable Characters: Hire NPCs to work with you, if you trust them, or allow them to hire you to be their guide.
• Character Extensions (Stretch Goal): Wrestle with the old-school favorites from back in the paper days – alignment, age, rank and randomly-rolled temperament.


• Exploration: Explore a richly detailed world, home to unique, dangerous and sometimes friendly creatures who may be friend or foe.
• Treasure: Loot castles, caverns and dungeons and defeat hordes of creatures in a world where your skill and cunning are key.
• NPCs: At least five known NPC races call this world home. Forge alliances with them and do their bidding – or be their undoing.
• Quests: Solve hundreds of quests on your way to discovering and uncovering the secrets of the world.
• Multiple Endings: The smallest of intentions sometimes matters far more than you know. It is a world alive with memories.
• Multiple Beginnings (Stretch Goal): The endings in one game affect the beginnings in another. Import your characters from one world to another.
• Combat: Turn-based combat harkens back to the days when spells and swords hit hard and last-second healing spells saved the day.
• NPC Enemies (Stretch Goal): What once was a relatively peaceful world becomes much more dangerous not only for you, but for those who live there. New NPCs come complete with an expanded game area and quests.
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