Loot Drop RPG Kickstarter Campaign Update #4, $211,000 and Counting

The latest update to the Loot Drop Old-school RPG Kickstarter campaign comes after the campaign has crossed the $200,000 mark, and presents some additional story info and concept art.

Here's a snip:
At 806 employees, Shaker was a far cry from from its origins in a graduate student lab at MIT. Beginning as a mere mathematical model - but an exceedingly precise one - Shaker's core technology eventually evolved into a device that allowed it to see 100 years into the future and as far back as all past human memory allowed. Catherine Shaker knew she had struck gold, and founded the corporation well before her graduation. At the time of her death, which she had accurately predicted, the company had already received massive funding from throughout the universe.

As corporations go, Shaker had a routine. Each evening, the device would reveal the events of that exact day 100 years in the future. A team of analysts would go over the data, and Shakers would be deployed into the future or past to straighten out potential disturbances. In its history, Shaker had already averted wars, plagues and countless regional skirmishes. It has also avoided the temptation to mess with free will or act as a surprise benefactor. A multi-national board worked (and mostly argued) to ensure its neutrality and to keep its findings secret.

Then, on July 1, 2526, the entire galaxy was not there when they looked. It was not an anomaly or machine failure. It just no longer was. For the first time, genuine panic (of measurable statistical significance) struck in Shaker's offices.

The next update will most likely be the most interesting so far, since it promises to be about combat and gameplay in general.