Loot Drop RPG Kickstarter Campaign Update #8, $232,000 and Counting

In the eighth update to reach the Shaker: An Old-School RPG Kickstarter campaign, Tom Hall and Brenda Brathwaite divulge some details about the new $125 tier and share the evolution of two of their concept art pieces. There really isn't much to quote, but I'll do my best:
Hey there, Shaker operatives! This update we thought we'd let you check out the new tier you asked for, and give you a peek at the concept art process -- from sketches to finished design!

Before we begin, just want to remind folks of the new tier, $125 for the Old-School Edition + Cloth Map. People wanted something more affordable, and we priced it as low as we thought we could!

To review: Shaker: An Old School RPG features a six-character party - you and your 3 crew as well as 2 recruitable player characters. You begin the game as James Connelly, though you may customize him any way you like (including changing his appearance and gender). Next, you create 3 different Shaker operatives to join you on your Antera mission. Traveling back through time and space to arrive on Antera, you may recruit two locals to work on your crew. This is a medieval era world, with swordplay and magic.

So we needed cool concept art to convey combat in that medieval world.