Loot Drop RPG Kickstarter Campaign Update #3, $189,000 and Counting

The latest update to the Loot Drop Old-school RPG Kickstarter adds a new tier, and informs us of the developers' intention to get the title on Steam and the fact that the game's engine is Unity (although people who have been keeping track of our newsposts already knew about that piece of information).

Here's a snippet:

People have asked for a basic boxed edition to display proudly on their shelf and we heard ya!

Behold the BASIC BOX: $65
GAMER WITH EARS AND EYES EDITION + simple BOXED VERSION OF OLD SCHOOL RPG. The boxed copy will include a DVD version of the game and a printed manual. This is in addition to the digital version of the game (so 2 copies overall!). Please add $15 for international shipping.

It's available now! If you've been waiting for it at a lower level, you can change your pledge to Basic Box at any time. Thanks for the suggestion!