Thaumaturge Trick: Pentagram of Banishment
Pentagram of Banishment Cost: 2
Casting this spell creates a pentagram, the points of which must be clicked to release the spell effect. The pentagram creates an area that enemies cannot enter. Enemies already inside the pentagram are immediately pushed outside and knocked down (powerful enemies might resist both). The spell lasts for 15s.

Skill Ranks
  1. 40s cooldown
  2. 36s cooldown
  3. 33s cooldown
  4. 30s cooldown
  5. 27s cooldown
  6. 25s cooldown
  7. 23s cooldown

Skill Masteries

Enlarged Pentagram: The pentagram is 2m larger. Requires Rank 5.
Potent Pentagram: Enemies pushed outside the pentagram take damage equal to 45% of Spellpower. Requires Rank 10.