Game Related Tips
New dialog options will appear if your Persuasion feat is high enough. These options will be displayed in blue text. Selecting these Persuasion lines will present you with further dialog options, all geared toward advancing your agenda.

To sneak, crouch (default key: CTRL), stay in the shadows, and watch the light meter. The higher your Sneaking feat, the harder it will be for enemies to hear and see you.

You must be crouched to gain any benefit from Sneaking.

Holding down the different directional movement keys while attacking will trigger different melee attacks. Each directioanl movement key triggers a different combination of melee attacks.

Varying your melee attacks will keep a defender off-balance. If you use the same attack repeatedly, the defender will learn to anticipate your attack, and is more likely to deflect your blows.

Sewers offer great protection and secrecy to vampires who wish it.

Hunger can induce Frenzy, as can the fear and anger caused by taking physical damage.

The risk of Frenzy relates directly to your Humanity. A vampire in touch with their former humanity can keep the Beast at bay; a craven undead killer will succumb more frequently. This risk is compounded by hunger.

Feed often and maintain your Humanity to prevent Frenzy.

Masquerade areas have maps located on bus stops. Use the maps to see an overhead view of the area.

The Damage Potential of a weapon is how much damage the weapon can do in your hands. This number is adjusted by your Ranged or Melee combat feat. The higher your combat feat, the more damage you can do.

You can raise your Humanity like any other character stat, by spending Experience.

The Feat Adjustment is the difference between your skill (feat score) and the requirement of a weapon. This adjustment is applied to the weapon's Lethality.

While in melee combat, you can block (default key: TAB) to give yourself a bonus to Defense. This bonus is equal to your Dexterity.

Take great care when feeding in the midst of mortals. You must not be seen, lest you betray the Masquerade.

Refer to your quest log (default key: L) to track where you need to go and to whom you need to speak.

The Ranged combat feat directly affects how much damage you can do with firearms. It also determines how easily vampires and other supernaturals can defend against your ranged attacks.

If you find yourself pursued by human law enforcement, hide. Police will hunt you, but will give up if they cannot find you.

You will receive a scrolling message when police give up the hunt.

The Defense feat and Bashing Soak feat both add to your defense against bullets. Additionally, all damage you receive from bullets is automatically reduced by fifty percent.

The Lethality of a weapon can be used to gauge its effectiveness against vampires. The higher the Lethality, the more difficult it will be for vampires to defend against the weapon.

Use a cab to travel between cities and other distant locales.

As new areas become available, they will be added to the cab map.

Use the 'End All Disciplines' key (default key: F8) to shut off a Discipline while it is running.

Blood packs provide a small amount of blood and healing. While harder to obtain and less potent than fresh blood, blood packs can save you when other sustenance is in short supply.

Bladed weapons are as deadly to vampires as they are to humans. The Defense feat and Lethal Soak feat both add to your defense against blades.

Vampires are extraordinarily resilient to gunfire. Use blades and your vampiric Disciplines to combat vampires and other supernaturals more effectively.

You can toggle fire modes by using the alt-fire toggle (default key: TAB). Some scoped firearms have multiple levels of zoom that can be accessed by using the alt-fire toggle.

Not all firearms have alternate fire modes.

Email addressed to you is sent to the computer in your haven. Return to your haven to check your email.

If a Discipline timer is running, activating the Discipline again will add more time to the timer.

Return to the Character Screen often (default key: C) and spend the experience you've gained to improve your character.

The vampiric body heals all wounds over time. Feeding will speed this process.

Disciplines typically have a lesser effect on vampires and other supernaturals. The exact effect varies from being to being, but you can expect more powerful supernaturals to have a higher degree of resistance.

The Haggle feat modifies all buy and sell prices. Vendor prices are automatically adjusted based on your Haggle feat. With a higher Haggle feat you will be able to sell items for more money, and buy items for less.

When financial matters are being discussed, a high Haggle feat might allow you special dialog options.

The Unarmed combat feat determines how easily you may feed on the unwilling. A higher Unarmed combat feat will make it easier for you to feed during battle.

The Unarmed combat feat also directly affects how much damage you can do with your fists and claws, and how easily an opponent may block, dodge, or counter these blows.

If you fail to pick a lock, use Blood Buff. The temporary increase in dexterity will boost your Lockpicking feat.

A high Intimidate feat will give you special dialog options. These will be displayed in green text. Certain characters are more easily intimidated than others.

Frenzy occurs when the Beast within takes control. A frenzied vampire is a ferocious killing machine, desperate for survival.

Frenzy will give you tremendous destructive power, but you will lose all control of your actions.

Use the maps in the sewers to travel between cities and other distant locales.

As new areas become available, they will be added to the sewer maps.

Violating the Masquerade by revealing aspects of supernatural existence to humankind puts you at risk of ambush by human vampire hunters, and invites the wrath of your fellow Kindred. Each breach of the Masquerade costs one Masquerade point. If you are reduced to zero Masquerade points, you will lose the game.

Tomes of knowledge can be found and purchased. Using these manuals will permanently increase one of your stats.

Each manual has requirements for use. Your Research feat, as well as the stat to be raised, will need to meet these requirements before you can use the manual.

Experience is gained by completing quests. Extra experience may be awarded during the course of a quest, for completing individual goals, finding special routes or alternate solutions.

Use the Feed key (default key: F) to feed on an unwilling victim. If the victim is in combat with you, he will have a chance to defend. Otherwise, your feed attempt will automatically succeed.

A high Unarmed combat feat makes it harder for enemy combatants to defend against your feed attack.

A high Intimidate feat will give you a special dialog options. These will be displayed in green text. Certain characters are more easily intimidated than others.

You can use the Seduction ffeat in dialog to feed and otherwise get what you want from people. If you seduce a human you may feed without fear of violating the Masquerade.

Seduction lines appear in special pink print.

Many factors contribute to your defense in combat. Spending experience to raise your Wits, Dodge, or Stamina will reduce the damage you take in combat. Clothing and body armor also help reduce damage.