File: The Witcher v1.2 Patch

Description: CD Projekt has addressed long loading and saving times in addition to a few persistent bugs in this latest v1.2 patch for The Witcher.

File: The Witcher v1.1a Patch

Description: In addition to all of the gameplay, text, art, sound, and stability fixes in the v1.1 patch, the v1.1a patch resolves an issue with a broken quest in Chapter V. This patch is no longer the latest version and shouldn't be installed unless you're having trouble with v1.2.

File: The Witcher E3 2005 Trailer

Description: This gameplay movie was released before E3 2005 to show off a bit of what was to come.

File: The Witcher E3 2004 Trailer

Description: This gameplay movie showing off The Witcher was originally shown at E3 2004.