Myth Drannor
Myth Drannor is probably one of the most famous areas in the Forgotten Realms setting. Myth Drannor started out as an elven camp that slowly grew into a large city named Cormanthor. The elven ruler, recognizing that the humans were too numerous to defend against, invited the most powerful wizards, rangers and druids to come and live among them. Furthermore, he invited halflings and gnomes to live in the city. In a unique gesture, he even invited dwarves to come live in Cormanthor.

The city was continually faced with an ever-growing threat from the goblin kin. At one time, thousands of orcs almost succeeded in destroying Cormanthor. This convinced the elven rulership that steps had to be taken to ensure the future safety of the city. After years of experimenting, Cormanthor wizards created a magical shield, called a mythal, to cover the entire city. With the laying of this shield, the city was renamed Myth Drannor (261 DR).

The mythal allowed Myth Drannor to further grow and prosper for several more centuries. It became a center of beauty, happiness, and luxury. It acquired many names, such as the City of Bards, the City of Song, and the City of Beauty. The wizards who dwelled there continued to grow in might with plans to rival the human kingdom of magic, Netheril. During this time, the city continued to be attacked by orcs. But due to the nature of the mythal, the city was able to defeat horde after horde.

In 661 DR the ruler of Myth Drannor died, and a time of mourning ensued. The niece and successor of Coronal Eltargrim died under mysterious circumstances, and this death caused a power vacuum in the city. The next Coronal would be chosen by the one that was worthy of drawing the elf blade called Ar'Cor'Kerym. Unworthy people who would draw the blade would find instant death.

After many elves tried to get a hold of the blade and their subsequent death, non elves tried to reach the tower where the blade was located, but they were stopped by a mighty spell that destroyed the tower. The blade was untouched, but the real damage was the open distrust among the different races. The Srinshee, having seen that none has proven to be worthy, drew the blade. At the time she reached for the sword powerful spells were released to prevent her from drawing the sword, but the spells failed. The new Coronal however refused to rule and left the city only to return when the people had proven their worth. This series of events prevented Myth Drannor from realizing the threat that was on the horizon.

In the meantime, the goblin kin were once again gathering to strike at the unprepared Myth Drannor. In 712 DR, the goblin kin army made their move on the city. The defenders of Myth Drannor were able to kill the goblin kin by the hundreds, but for every hundred defeated, another thousand appeared. In the end, the city finally fell to the might of what was called the Army of Darkness.

After its fall, the Army of Darkness broke up in raiding groups and pursued the fleeing survivors of the city. Only the elves dared to come back and eventually cleared the encircling woods of Myth Drannor of the evil remnants of the army. The elves kept the area clear of all but the strongest of opponents, which consisted of dragons that were looking for a new home. In 1344 DR, the elves finally gave up and decided to leave the woodlands to join the other elves in the retreat to the island of Evermeet.

Since the departure of the elves, adventuring bands have been trying to seek out the glory and riches left in Myth Drannor. The knights of Myth Drannor warn parties to stay clear of the city, but these warnings are most often ignored. Most adventuring parties are slaughtered by beings from the lower planes, whom have succeeded in opening gates into Myth Drannor. Even with dangers such as these, it still doesn't prevent new adventuring bands from trying to enter the ruined city on a frequent basis.

Myth Drannor represents a great and dangerous opportunity for adventuring parties in the Moonsea area. Such travelers are warned that in addition to creatures of the lower planes, the area holds forces and expeditions from various nations and adventuring groups who have set up their own areas of influence within the ruins and may take unkindly to intrusions. For a brief time, the Knights of Myth Drannor held the others in check, but they have since retired and the way is open to other explorers and invaders.