Whom Gods Annoy
Quest Information
Starting Location: Leyawiin
Starting NPC: Rosentia Gallenus
Possible Reward(s): Ring of Eidolon's Edge

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This is quite an amusing quest which begins in Leyawiin when you hear rumors of odd noises and strange smells emanating from Rosentia Gallenus's house. Find it on your close-up map (it is in the centre of the city, next door to your own house, if you have bought one there) and go and visit her. You will find her house full of scamps. Talk to her and she will tell you that she has acquired a strange Daedric staff which seems to be cursed as the nasty-smelling scamps follow her everywhere. She suggests you talk to her friend at the Mages Guild, Alves Uvenim.

Alves tells you that the staff is known as the Staff of Everscamp. It needs to be returned to its original place, which is Dark Fathom Cave. She'll mark this on your map. Go back to Rosentia and get the staff. The scamps will then follow you to the cave. If you choose to swim across the river, they will scuttle round the bank and catch you up.

When you enter the cave a few rats and goblins will attack you, but nothing too serious. The scamps will continue to follow you until you find an altar in the Shrine of Sheogorath. Just drop the staff near it, and the scamps will then gather round it. You can safely leave them there, and go back across the river to Rosentia. She will be pleased to see you and give you the Ring of Eidolon's Edge as your reward.