Quest Information
Starting Location: Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Starting NPC: Ocheeva
Possible Reward(s): Night Mother's Blessing, 100 Gold

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After you've accepted the new contract during the The Night Mother's Child quest, Ocheeva will tell you that you're invited to a party at a large house called Summitmist Manor in Skingrad. Of course, you'll be killing all of the other guests while you're there. There are five guests total, and they've all been told that there is a chest of gold inside the locked manor, as well as the key to their freedom. You are the sixth guest and are to pose as one of them, while secretly killed each one off without getting caught by any other guest. If you're seen killing any of the guests, your bonus will be forfeit. Ocheeva explains that the doorman at Summitmist Manor will know more, so that's your next destination.

After fast-traveling to Skingrad's eastern gate, you'll find Summitmist Manor just two doors down on your right. Fafnir the doorman will approach you and confirm that you both have the same Mother, and that she wants you to have the key to the house. Grab the Summitmist Manor Key from him, then head inside to mingle. Before moving on to the rest of the quest, let me just say that this quest is very unique. You can certainly go in and discreetly slaughter all of the guests, but there are also several dialogue options you can explore to make it a lot more fun. The dialogue route has many different variants, though, so I'll let you figure that out on your own. Just keep in mind that you'll need a high disposition with each one in order to turn them on one another. Oh, and you may have to do a little killing to get them to start turning on one another.

The first guest you meet is Matilde Petit, who will strike up a conversation the moment you arrive. Tell her that you're an assassin sent to kill her and she'll laugh it off as a good joke, after which your disposition with her will jump up to the maximum. She'll then give you some background information about each guest, their names being Nels the Naughty, Neville, Dovesi Dran, and Primo Antonius. When you've learned enough, end the conversation with her, and then talk to her once more to have her suggest an alliance between you both. If either of you finds the chest, you'll split it 50/50 (that's her plan, anyway). Agree to this alliance, then send her to the basement to begin looking for the chest under the floorboards.

You can also do something similar with Dovesi Duran. She'll mention that she has some interest in Primo Antonius, but that he's too good for her since he comes from a wealthy family. Tell her that he likes her and then ask her to wait for him in his room. Using these last two options at least gets two of the guests out of the way while you focus on the other three.

When all five guests are finally dead, fast-travel to Cheydinhal's east gate and check in with Ocheeva again. You'll receive the usual 100 Gold for completing the contract, as well as the "Night Mother's Blessing," which grants a +2 bonus to your Sneak, Security, Acrobatics, Blade, and Marksman skills. You're now ready for the The Assassin's Gambit quest.