Whispers of Death
Quest Information
Starting Location: Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Starting NPC: Arquen
Possible Reward(s): Weekly Gold, Henchman

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When you arrive at the Cheydinhal Sanctuary after completing the Honor Thy Mother quest, Arquen will explain your duties as the Listener. Once a week, you have the option of visiting the Night Mother's statue in Bravil and receiving a list of names and locations from her. This list represents the people who have prayed to the Night Mother requesting assassinations, and you must bring it back to Arquen in the sanctuary for the murders to be carried out. In exchange for doing this, Arquen will give you a share of the sanctuary's earnings each week.

In addition to a weekly supply of gold, you can also obtain a henchman. Arquen will begin recruiting new members for the Dark Brotherhood, and it won't be long before the sanctuary is inhabited by a few new acolytes. Simply instruct one of these new members to follow you and you'll have your own personal assassin sidekick.

Congratulations on completing the Dark Brotherhood faction side quests!