Where Spirits Have Lease
Quest Information
Starting Location: The Count's Arms, Anvil
Starting NPC: Velwyn Benirus
Possible Reward(s): Fully furnished house and lots of loot

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Check the rumors around Anvil and you will soon find that a house called Benirus Manor is for sale by Velwyn Benirus. You will find him in The Count's Arms, and he will offer to sell the manor to you for 5,000 gold. Accept (as soon as you have enough money) and go and take a look at it. It's next to the chapel, just beyond the Mage's and Fighter's Guild. It's a beautiful house (one of the nicest in Cyrodiil), but has been completely trashed inside. It is also occupied by a lot of ghosts.

Have a look around the house, and in the main room you will find a page from a diary and a skeletal hand. Take them. Deep in the vast cellars you will also find a strange door that you can't open. The diary tells you that it can only be opened by a Benirus descendant. But when you get back to The Count's Arms you will be told that Velwyn has left for the Imperial City. You will find him in the King and Queen Tavern in the Elven District. You need to persuade him to come back and open the door for you, and eventually he will agree.

You meet him back at the Count's Arms, and go with him to Benirus Manor. Once inside, get in front of him and use a silver or magic weapon to kill the ghosts that will come at you from all sides. When you reach the secret door he will open it and then flee. Kill the remaining ghosts and approach the corpse of Lorgren Beniron lying on a splendid bier. He will tell you that he wishes to atone for his past misdeeds, and he needs his hand back. When you give it to him, he will tell you that mortals are stupid to believe everything they are told, and he will try to kill you. Destroy him, and go back to the Count's Arms to report your success.

Now for the good part. When you get back to the manor you will find that it has been restored to pristine condition, with a fire in the hearth, food on the table, and plenty of booze in the cellar. There is a mass amount of storage space, so it makes an ideal base for the rest of your quests. Sell off what you don't need and spend some time deciding where you are going to store stuff you might need later, but don't want to carry around. Then just go and admire the view from the balcony!