When the Vow Breaks
Quest Information
Starting Location: Whitmond Farm
Starting NPC: Maeva the Buxom
Possible Reward(s): Rockshatter or 750 gold

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This one of the many quests that it is quite easy to do in the wrong order. Maeva the Buxom lives at Whitmond Farm just north of Anvil. Her husband a Nord, called Bjalfi has gone missing, and she is anxious to find out what has happened to him.

You will find his body in Fort Strand, which is a short distance due east of Anvil. It is more likely that you will explore Fort Strand before you find Maeva's farm. In that case you will take from his body an enchanted mace called Rockshatter, which carries an 8 point shock spell. It has an inscription on it, which reads "To Maeva and Bjalfi in honor of your union". Your journal suggests that you should find Maeva and tell her about her husband's misfortune.

As it weighs nothing, you can carry the mace around with you - to increase your blunt instrument points - until you have no further use for it. When you eventually find Maeva and give it back to her, she will reward you with 750 gold.