Ushnar's Terror
Quest Information
Starting Location: New Sheoth
Starting NPC: Ushnar gro-Shadborgob
Possible Reward(s): A Skinned Hound

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Ushnar gro-Shadborgob (try saying that after a good lunch) is to be found wandering around Crucible or at his house in the town. He has a paranoiac fear of cats and owns a number of ferocious Skinned Hounds to keep them away. Bhisha the Khajiit (who, of course, resembles a cat) is his personal nightmare, and he promises to reward you if you will get rid of him. If you have chosen to be a Khajiit yourself, you can't complete this quest.

There are three ways for other races to succeed. The easiest is to track Bhisha down and give him 100 gold to leave town. You can also simply kill him, if that is your way of doing things. The third - rather complex, but more amusing - route is to steal some food from a dog's bowl in Ushnar's house. If you give it to Bishnar, one of the hounds will attack him and kill him. There is a risk here that others will join in the melee, and you could lose some other potential quest-givers, so save first if you choose this course.

Your reward is one of Ushnar's Skinned Hounds. You can take this back with you to Cyrodiil, but it does not seem to have much use there.