Unfriendly Competition
Quest Information
Starting Location: Narket District, Imperial City
Starting NPC: Jensine
Possible Reward(s): Debaser, Weatherward Circlet, 600 Gold

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You probably know Thoronir at the "Copious Coinpurse" in the Market District of the Imperial City quite well by now. as he offers you the best prices. But why? A number of shopkeepers are suspicious of him, particularly Jensine in her shop "Good as New Merchandise". She will offer you a reward if you can find out anything about him. You need to wait until he closes his shop at 8 pm, and then follow him in sneak mode. He will lead you a pretty dance around the area, before meeting a man called Agarmir. Listen to their conversation.

Your journal suggests that you follow Agarmir, and when you do he will lead you to his house in Talos Plaza. It is barred from the inside once he goes in, so you can either rest outside it until the following evening, or go off and do something useful, like catching Slaughterfish or killing crabs. When he finally leaves you have to go down into his basement (which has a "Very Difficult" class lock). Here you will find a book that gives details of recently deceased citizens, with the location of their graves. Take this to Thorinir. He's shocked and says he will not see Agarmir anymore; in any case Agarmir has already postponed tonight's meeting, because he has "something important" to do.

You now need to go to the City graveyard, which encircles the Imperial Palace. Search around until you find the Trentius Family Mausoleum. Inside you'll find Agarmir and a Daedric knight. Kill them both, and take a powerful sword Debaser off Agarmir, along with the rest of their armor etc. Now you need more evidence and you will soon find Agarmir's spade still damp with earth. Take this back to Thoronir, and he will thank you for showing mercy and tell you he is donating all his ill-gotten gains to the temple. He will reward you with the Weatherward Circlet, which gives 35% protection against both fire and frost.

Finally go back to Jensine, and she will take the spade and journal off you and give you 600 gold. She says Thoronir has now been welcomed into the local Society of Shopkeepers.