Understanding Madness
Quest Information
Starting Location: New Sheoth
Starting NPC: Sheogorath
Possible Reward(s): Spell to summon Haskill

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Unusually, the reward for this quest appears at the beginning. After you have reported to Sheogorath that Xedilian is now working all right (see "Baiting the Trap"), and told him that Knights of Order have appeared in the Shivering Isles, he awards you a spell enabling you to summon his Chamberlain, Haskill, at any time. This is a very useful spell, because if you get stuck on any future quests (on Shivering Isles only) you can call up Haskill to give you advice.

Incidentally, if you do not visit Sheogorath's shrine on Cyrodiil before completing the main tasks on Shivering Isles (by which time you will have replaced Sheogorath) it will be Haskill who gives you the Sheogorath quest and then gives you the magic sword Wabbajack, apologizing that he forgot to give it to you when you replaced his master. But that is all still ahead.

Meanwhile Sheogorath wants you to find out more about the two Courts of Madness, Mania and Dementia. You therefore need to become a member of the courts of the Duke of Mania and the Duchess of Dementia. To achieve their trust, you have to complete a quest for each of them. These are "Addiction" and "The Lady of Paranoia".