To Help A Hero
Quest Information
Starting Location: Hale
Starting NPC: Pyke
Possible Reward(s): Pyke's Medallion

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Hale is a settlement on the Shivering Isles on the coast northwest of Sheogorath and southeast of the Isle of Flame.

There you will meet a man called Pyke who claims to be a Knight of the Thorn - an elite group in Cyrodiil. In a fight with some Grummites he lost his magic medallion. He wants you to get it back from them. They occupy the Fetid Grove, a cave to the south, on a peninsula just off Overlook Road. He marks this on your map.

The cave is a very dangerous place, not only full of Grummite Warriors, but with some nasty spike traps which can kill you instantly. You must find your way to the Fetid Encampment and climb up a series of wooden stairs to find the ring. It is in a chest surrounded by spiked but static defenses.

In other reviews it is said that Pyke greets you warmly and rewards you on your return to Zoe Malene's house - where he is lodging - but in my case they both attacked me as a trespasser and I was forced to fight back and kill them. This left me with the medallion he had retrieved (which fortifies speechcraft by 15 points).