The Sunken One
Quest Information
Starting Location: Shetcombe Farm
Starting NPC: None
Possible Reward(s): Loot and a free home

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This is a fairly dull little quest without much reward. Just to the northeast of Kvatch you will find a deserted farmhouse called Shetcombe. Search it thoroughly, and in a bowl you will find a page from the farmer's diary. His name is Slythe Seringi. The diary says he has plans to make an offering to something called "The Sunken One" at Sandstone cavern, which is nearby just east of north.

Proceed there, and you will be attacked by a number of creatures, inside and outside the cave. These include Land Dreughs and Will o' the Wisps, but nothing seriously dangerous. After a while you will find another page from Seringi's diary. It is quite easy to miss, as it is on top of a chest. Basically it just says he has doubts about his quest, but will press on anyway.

Keep going and eventually you will reach a large cave with a gorge running through it. Don't bother to cross it, but just jump down and you will find Seringi's corpse. His last diary entry reveals that he thought he was going to meet his god and give him an offering that would help all Tamriel. And that's it on this quest. Pick up whatever you can from the cave and go back to Shetcombe Farm. You can use this as a base if you are still lacking in cash, though it doesn't have much to recommend it.