The Siren's Deception
Quest Information
Starting Location: Anvil
Starting NPC: Maelona
Possible Reward(s): 100 Gold (and a lot of loot)

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A bit naughty this one. You'll hear in Anvil that a gang of lady thieves have been robbing men. You are pointed towards Maelona (follow your compass to wherever she is at the time). She tells you that the gang is comprised of women who lure men to their hideout for a bit of rumpy-pumpy, and, after they have taken off their clothes, rob them. She adds that her husband was one of their victims, and stole a ring she desperately wants back. He's called Gogan. You need to find him, and he'll give you the extra information that the naughty ladies find their victims at the Flowing Bowl Inn.

Go there at a suitable time, and have a quiet drink. After a while, Signy Home-Wrecker and Faustina Cartia will approach you. They will suggest that you meet them at 11:00pm for "a night of fun you will never forget". The venue is a farmhouse a short way south-east of Anvil in a settlement called Gweden, which they will mark on your map.

When you get there at the appointed time, a seductive Faustina will suggest that you get into the altogether, so that you can best enjoy her favors. When you politely decline, she will scream, and the rest of the gang will erupt from various directions, and attack you (what happens if you take clothes off, I dread to think). You have no choice now but to kill them all.

When they're all dead, Maelona and Gogan enter, now dressed in Anvil City Guard armor. They explain that they have been working as a married couple undercover, to try to track down the gang. Nevertheless, they give you the 100 gold reward, and then politely turn their backs while you plunder the bodies and the farmhouse for anything worth selling.