The Potato Snatcher
Quest Information
Starting Location: Faregyl Inn
Starting NPC: S'jirra
Possible Reward(s): S'jirra's Famous Potato Bread

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Go to the Faregyl Inn, which is located down a short road about two-thirds of the way up the Green Road leading from Bravil to the Imperial City. The inn is on the left (going north) down a short road just northwest of the Inn of Ill Omen, which will have been marked on your map by the Dark Brotherhood's Lucien Lachance when he accosts you early in the game.

Faregyl Inn is very agreeable, and useful for resting or leaving your horse safely when undertaking other quests in the area - particularly when a Ring of Oblivion pops up opposite it, after you have dealt with the "Breaking the Siege of Kvatch" quest. The proprietor, a Khajiit called Abhuki, can train you in Alteration skills to a useful level.

Somewhere in the bar you can usually find a friendly but distressed lady Khajiit called S'jirra. Talk to her and she will tell you that her supply of Jumbo Potatoes have been stolen by some "huge" creatures, and ask you to help her recover them. Naturally you will agree.

Head slightly north of west from the Inn, more or less towards the Elvin ruins of Nenyond Twyll (leaving your horse behind - because one of the ogres you are seeking will almost certainly kill it before you can get him). After a short distance the ogres will ambush you. If you don't find them straight away, your compass will guide you to them. After knocking them off, take the potatoes from their bodies and go back to the Inn.

A delighted S'jirra will reward you with some samples of S'jirra's Famous Potato Bread valued at 30 gold apiece. You can sell them if you need the cash, or store them away for their alchemist properties, which include "Detect Life".