The Paranoid Roof Watcher
Quest Information
Starting Location: Crucible
Starting NPC: None
Possible Reward(s): Gold, random potions, and ingredients

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This quest does not appear in your Journal. Nevertheless, it is fairly straightforward, provided you have a reasonably high degree of athleticism.

Go to the platform at the middle of the stairway between New Sheoth and Crucible (there is always a guard there, but he/she will not interfere with you. Jump across to the nearest roof. You may need an athletic-enhancing potion or spell to make this leap. Put up your detailed map and keep jumping over the rooftops until you reach the one directly above Cutter's (the armorer). Here you will find a bottle of Bernice's Roofwater Wine, a stool, a key and a note. Read the note.

Drop off the roof and go to Sickly Bernice's Taphouse. Out back of it is a sewage pipe, which has inside it a broken crate containing a big vase or urn. Use the key to unlock the latter and you will get a random selection of goodies - some gold, potions, and ingredients.