The Museum of Oddities
Quest Information
Starting Location: Crucible
Starting NPC: Una Armina
Possible Reward(s): None

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The Museum of Oddities is located in Crucible down the main steps, (next to the very useful Cutter's Weapons, where you can have your weapons repaired and re-enchanted in one fell swoop). The Curator, Una Armina, will give you a tour of the museum, which is frankly not very interesting. She will ask you to bring anything odd you come across for her to put in the museum.

Personally, I brought her the Pelvis of Palagius and a Hound's Tooth Key. Una was "delighted" but did not offer any reward. This seems to be one of those quests that has no finite point of completion as there is no hint of how many items are available to be discovered, and it seems to remain indefinitely in the "unfinished quests" section of your journal.

Not one of the most exciting quests in the game!