The Killing Field
Quest Information
Starting Location: The Grey Mare, Chorrol
Starting NPC: Valus Odiil
Possible Reward(s): Chillrend

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Valus Odiil is generally found drinking in a somewhat tawdry pub, the Grey Mare - to the right of the south gate in Chorrol. He explains he is a farmer, but his farm has been overrun by goblins. His two sons, Antus and Rallus have gone to fight them, and he fears greatly for their safety. So will you go and help them? Naturally, you will.

You have to go left out of Chorrol to Weynon Priory, where the two lads can be found on the road, plucking up their courage to continue. Follow them a short way down the road, past their farmhouse, and into a cultivated field, with rows of corn, tomatoes, and so on. There are gaps in the fence to the northeast and northwest. The brothers prepare themselves for the coming fight, and your great problem is now to try to protect them in the ensuing melee. It will probably take you several attempts to keep them both alive, so save at this point, and plan your strategy and use of weapons.

The first wave of goblins appears from the northeast. They are pretty nippy, so one of your main difficulties is to avoid killing one of the brothers yourself by mistake. Save as soon as the goblins have been dispatched, because the second lot appear almost instantaneously from the other direction. When you succeed in killing them all, the brothers will make off, leaving you to loot such weaponry as there is (and take a few vegetables, if you need them for your alchemy store).

Then go back to the Grey Mare and tell Valus Odiil the good news. He will reward you with a powerful sword called Chillrend. It's worth noting that he will give you the sword even if one or both of his sons have been killed.