The Horror of Dive Rock
Quest Information
Starting Location: Dive Rock
Starting NPC: None
Possible Reward(s): Frostwyrm Bow

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Dive Rock sounds as though it should be near water, but it is in fact a mountain with some of the finest views in Cyrodiil. It is in the Jerryl Mountains, northwest of Cheydinhal. It is quite hard to reach, because of the severity of its slopes. The quest itself does not appear in your journal. When you reach the summit of Dive Rock, start by going to its southern tip, and up to three previously undiscovered sites will appear on your map.

By the camp fire you will find the journal of Agnar the Unwavering. This tells a sorry story of how he and his wife tried to track down and kill the Udefryktet Matron, whose daughter earlier scared his wife half to death. The journal records that at their confrontation with the Matron, his wife was killed, and he expects her to attack him soon. Evidently he did not survive, but he lived long enough to recommend you use a fire weapon against the Matron.

Head east then, and you should find the Matron in some scrubby trees. Try to stay above her and hit her with your firebow using fire arrows if you have any with you. Don't kill her too close to the edge of the precipice, as you may never find her body. This yields your main reward - the Frostwyrm Bow - and a number of other items. Nearby you will find the corpse of Agnar, from which you can retrieve a small amount of armor and weapons