The Great Divide
Quest Information
Starting Location: Split
Starting NPC: Horkvir Bear-Arm
Possible Reward(s): Gold

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Split is to the northwest of Sheograd on the Shivering Isles. It is past The Hills of Suicide, and to the south of a lake just short of Overlook Road. Here you will find the ultimate in Schizophrenia, in that all the inhabitants are duplicated, one person being Dementian and the other Maniac. You need to find one of the two Horkvir Bear-Arms. It does not matter which one. Any one will tell you where he can be found.

He will ask you to kill his other half, along with any other double citizens. Just travel to the other side of the settlement, and kill all the people you can find, including particularly Horvir Bear-Arm's double. Your Journal will inform you when you have got them all.

Go back to the single remaining Horkvir, and he will reward you with a quantity of gold coins.