The Gravefinder's Repose
Quest Information
Starting Location: The Roxey Inn
Starting NPC: Malene
Possible Reward(s): 200 Gold

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This is a relatively straightforward quest, which will yield you a small amount of gold, and quite a few saleable weapons. You need to visit the Roxey Inn, which is a short distance due north of the Imperial City on the Red Ring Road. It's easiest to leave your horse behind, and wander around the shore of the Imperial City Island, picking up any Nirnroot you find on the way for "Seeking Your Roots", and clobbering any crabs with any weapon you have to collect souls. If you have no soul gems available, use whichever weapon you need to gain points on, including your bare fists.

When you reach the Imperial Prison Sewer, on the far northeast corner of the island, swim directly north, and the Roxey Inn is to be found just across the road, shortly after you reach land. At the Inn talk to Malene, and she will tell you that she has been bothered by a necromancer called Raelynn the Gravefinder, who is apparently located in the Moss Rock Cavern. This she will mark on your map; it's only a short walk directly north of the inn.

Go there, and - using sneak mode as usual - knock off all the necromancers until you find and kill Raellynn. Go back to the inn, where Malene will give some gold as your reward. If it's opening time, fast travel back to the Imperial City Market District to sell your loot; if it's still dark, travel leisurely back looking for Nirnroot on the way.