The Forlorn Watchman
Quest Information
Starting Location: Silverhome-on-the Water
Starting NPC: Gilgondorin/Grantham Blakeley
Possible Reward(s): Grantham's Treasure

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This long and quite complex quest begins when you pick up rumors in Bravil about a ghost who stalks the shores of the Bay of Niben, known locally as "The Forlorn Watchman". He apparently pauses from time to time to stare mournfully out to sea. You are told to ask Gilgorondin about it at Silverhome-on-the-Water in Bravil. He will tell you that the ghost appears every night at 8pm at Bawnwatch Camp, and mark its location (on the coast just south of Bravil) on your map. Get yourself out there at the right time and wait until the ghost appears. Follow it discreetly until it stops and stares out to sea. Then talk to it and it will identify itself as Grantham and say: "Look for me in the mouth of the panther. Please release me". That's all you will get out of it; but it is worth noting the precise direction towards which it is staring.

Go back to Gilgorin and ask him about the Mouth of the Panther. He'll tell you it's an inlet across Niben Bay in the direction the ghost was looking. When you get there, you will find a wrecked cargo ship called the Emma May. Enter it - through a hole in its landward side - and you will immediately start being attacked by the ghosts of its former crew; so have your silver or magic weapon ready. Search the ship deck by deck downwards, using the hatches on the deck floors after you have completed each level. (The ghosts are equipped with quite powerful cutlasses, which are worth taking, along with their ectoplasm and as much else as you can carry).

The first thing you'll find is the Emma May's Log, which explains how the ship came to be there, and names a mutinous traitor called Gable. On the next deck you'll find Gable's skeleton. Take the key that is on it. On the bottom level you'll discover the mortal remains of Grantham, shackled to the base of the mast. Use the key to unlock the skeleton, and Grantham will materialize. He'll thank you for freeing him, and then proceeds to tell you to search for a map. You don't have to look far, as Grantham Blakeley's Map is lying near his skeleton's feet.

When you open the map it will show you a rough guide to the location of Captain Grantham's Treasure. At this stage, you may have to go back to town to flog off all of the stuff you have found. The map will then lead you northeast of the Mouth of the Panther to an unmarked point on the Nibenay River. Use your compass to follow the route. The treasure is in a chest lodged in rocks underwater, quite close to the river bank. You should not need an underwater breathing spell, as it only takes a few seconds to retrieve it, once you have located it.