The Fork of Horripilation
Quest Information
Starting Location: Bliss
Starting NPC: Big-Head
Possible Reward(s): Choice of Training

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Big-Head is a Khajiit often found wandering about Bliss. You can also try his house. He has had the Fork of Horripilation - which appears to be some kind of musical instrument or tuning fork - stolen from him, and he asks you to get it back for him.

He gives you a charm and tells you to hand this on to a beggar called Bolwing, whom he says may be able to help you. Follow your compass to Bolwing -who is in Crucible - and give him the charm. He will then reveal the location of the Fork.

Again follow your compass to the Fork, fighting off the various weird monsters which inhabit the Shivering Isles. It is better to use a weapon rather than magic, as some of the odder characters react strangely to some spells. Eventually you will find yourself mixed up in a battle between Heretics and Zealots. Each occupies half of a castle. You have to enlist the support of the Zealots, and recreate a route for them, to reach the Fork, which is on the Heretic side.

When you have the fork, take it back to Big-Head, who will now be in his house. He will reward you by offering you training in one of three skills - Blade, Sneak or Alchemy.