The End of Order
Quest Information
Starting Location: New Sheoth Palace
Starting NPC: Haskill
Possible Reward(s): Diadem of Euphoria, Nerveshatter, Staff of Sheogorath

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When you have returned to the Palace, try to place the staff under the waters. It will be unsuccessful. Speak with Haskill, and he will send you under the Palace to remove the taint from the Font.

There are many Gnarls here but as Haskill stated, most of them are friendly to you. There are some that are outlined in a silver residue; these Gnarls are hostile so take them out. The docile Gnarls will remove the taint from the doors in order for you to pass through them. If there is a sealed door, try to find a nearby Gnarl Chrysalis. There are a few smaller pools that are guarded by Priests of Order. Kill the Priests and take the shard stones on their bodies and use those shards against the doors and chests that are tainted. Once you destroy the Priest, the smaller pools will cleanse.

Head into the Pools of Dementia and Mania and kill the Priests and the large crystals will disperse. At one of the pools, according to the faction that you are supporting, Syl or Thadon will be at one. Kill Syl or Thadon and the large crystal will disperse and the taint will be lifted. This is where you can get the other duke's item that you couldn't earlier. Return to the palace once you are done.

After joining the staff and activating the Font of Madness, Haskill will inform you that something is amiss and one of your minions was looking for you. The minion will soon meet with you and tell you that an obelisk has appeared on the Palace Grounds. Tell your minion to either fight alone or you will lead the battle, and then race out onto the Palace Grounds.

Simply kill the priest nearby and then seal the obelisk with three Hearts of Order. After that is complete another will form across the way on the side of Mania. Close that obelisk also and then dispatch the last priest. After that is complete, Jyggalag will suck all his Knights into the sky and then a blast will sound and all nearby living sentient beings will die, forcing a one-on-one with the God of Order. The god will occasionally blast you with lightning, but he is most content with whacking you with his sword. Just deal with him the best you can.

After the God is defeated, the head of Jyggalag will form as an avatar and give a lengthy speech. Once he is done speaking, you are left to run your new kingdom. Your options as mortal, king, and god are plentiful so walk back up to the palace and speak with Haskill to assume your role as The Prince of Madness.