The Coming Storm
Quest Information
Starting Location: "Things Found", Crucible
Starting NPC: Ahjazda
Possible Reward(s): Ahjazda's Paranoia spell

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If you visit Ahjazda in her shop "Things Found" on the main stairway in Crucible, she will tell you that the world is coming to an end (she is not exactly an optimist) and she vitally needs three items to mitigate the catastrophe. These are the Ring of Dessication, the Calming Pants, and the Amulet of Disintegration.

The ring is easy to find, as it is in the Museum of Oddities, almost next door. You just have to work out a way of stealing it. The pants are almost as simple to obtain. You just have to locate the beggar, Fimmian and give him a Sweetroll, and he will give his trousers to you.

The Amulet is a tougher challenge. You must go to Milchar, a fort to the northwest of New Sheoth, and find a room which contains a chest and a torch. To open the chest you must light three beacons in the room. But they only stay lit for a few seconds, so you have to move like lightning between them. Save when you get there, and remember the slogan "practice makes perfect".

Take all this stuff back to Ahjazda, and she will reward you with a Frenzy spell.