The Cold Flame of Agnon
Quest Information
Starting Location: New Sheoth Palace
Starting NPC: Sheogorath
Possible Reward(s): None

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Once you have spoken to Thadon, continue into the Palace and speak with Sheogorath. He tells you that the flame that is alight in the chapel here in town has blown out, and needs to be rekindled. He will tell you that the flame can only be relit by the holy fires at Cylarne, but those fires are also no longer burning. Finish your speech with him and then make your way to Cylarne. The best way is to fast travel to a nearby landmark, then proceed on foot.

When you arrive at Cylarne, speak with both of the guards. Mirel and Kaneh will give you keys to each separate entrance to the shrine beneath. They will tell you that they are at war with each other at the time being and they need to make sure that the flame is relit, but they can't as they are in the middle of a feud. Pick a side, any side...

Golden Saints

If you decide to take on Kaneh's side, tell her to fight as she normally would. She will lead you through the back side of the shrine's corridor entrance. Follow them down into the Underdeep. The dark seducers are rather spread thin, so it should be easy to take the Underdeep by storm. Your main target is Ulfri, who is Kaneh's counterpart in this quest. She can be found near the flame, and is named by the map marker. Follow it until you find the flame room, and then kill her and her guards. Once she is dead, Kaneh will speak to you.

Kaneh will offer her as a sacrifice to set the flame alight again. She will walk into the flame's hold and then stab herself. Once she is sacrificed, go back to the surface and walk into the flame that is now alight. A message will appear saying that you now harness the flame. Revert to third person and see that you are actually set ablaze but you are not harmed. It is pretty neat. I chose to stay in third person the entire time, but that is your own accord.

Dark Seducers

If you decide to follow along the darker path, as I did, then speak with Mirel. She will then send you into the shrine behind her to speak with their leader Ulfri. She will give you the option to speak with the saints first, which she will interpret as you getting their battle plans. Speak with Kaneh and she will tell you she wants to take main entrance to the shrine. Return to Ulfri with this information and she will reposition all the seducers.

Now speak with Kaneh and tell her that you will lead them under. As soon as they find out that you have led them into a trap they will turn on you. Lead them into the passage and the previously set traps will soften them up quite a bit, after which you can swoop in and take them out. Once all the Golden Saints are dead, speak with Ulfri, who will take her life within the altar and the flame will light again. Return to the surface and set yourself alight.

Return to Sheoth and go to the chapel that is indicated by the map marker. It is located in bliss, so fast travel there if you have already been there. Otherwise just go to the palace and proceed there on foot. Once you have gotten there in any way you have decided, speak with Sheogorath who will tell you to light the torch of either side. Talk to the two priests here and they will offer you their rewards. Decide and then walk onto the appropriate torch and then end the quest.