The Adoring Fan
Quest Information
Starting Location: Imperial City Arena
Starting NPC: The Adoring Fan
Possible Reward(s): A tagalong!

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This is not really a true quest and does not appear in your journal.

Once you have become Arena Champion of Cyrodiil, you are likely to be approached in the street outside the Arena, by a bug-eyed teenager. He wants to accompany you everywhere you go. If you accept, he will tag along with you on all future quests. But he does not seem to have the ability to help in any way.

He can only be killed (if you are fed up with him and feeling vicious) in a few places, such as Dive Mountain (see "The Horror of Dive Mountain" to find your way there). On the other hand you can always send him home when his company irks you. He will complain, but he will go. And not return.

This reviewer kept him locked up in the basement of Benirus Manor in Anvil when the kid started to get on his nerves, occasionally allowing him an outing. Doubtless The Adoring Fan has some use, but if he has it remains a mystery.