Tears of the Savior
Quest Information
Starting Location: Mage's Guild, Leyawiin
Starting NPC: S'Drassa
Possible Reward(s): 2500 Gold

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One of the longest and most complex quests, it cannot be achieved until you have gained access to the Arcane University in Imperial City by completing all the Mage's Guild recommendations. S'Drassa in the Leyawiin Mage's Guild, will ask you to find Garridan's Tears, apparently the frozen tears of a knight slain long ago. She suggests you visit Julienne Fanis at the Arcane University to find out more. She's located in the Lustratorium, first building on the right after you enter the university through the right hand gate.

Julienne says you should buy a book called
Knightfall, which is available at The First Edition bookshop in the Market District. When you read it, it gives you the location of site, which is northeast of the Imperial City, just below the "R" of the Silver Road on your map. It also mentions you will need some specially refined Frost Salts, which you have to go back to purchase from Julienne.

At this point you need to stock up with every possible health, and anti-cold potion, spell or armor that you can carry. Travel to Frostfire Glade (use your horse to get to the nearest point you have already found - the safest being the Roxey Inn). Once there you have to find your way through a cave, using the Frost Salts to exit. You find yourself in a glade with a huge mound of ice in the middle of it. There is one ogre who has to be dispatched, but after that the problem is to find the tears, which look like small arrowheads (and are almost invisible on the ice), without freezing to death.

Just keep saving and dashing in, climbing the mound of ice (in which the body of Garridan is clearly visible) and searching carefully all around it. There are five tears altogether, and it is all too easy to kick them under the rocks before you spot them.

When you have all five (or as many as you can find - it makes no difference to the main quest) retrieve your horse and return to Leyandiil. S'drassa will give you a good bit of gold, and you will be left wondering what the heck all that effort was about!