Taxonomy of Obsession
Quest Information
Starting Location: Highcross
Starting NPC: Mirili Ulven
Possible Reward(s): 260 Gold

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Highcross is a settlement on Shivering Isles directly due north of New Sheoth, Just above the "F" of The Foster's Spine Mountains, as marked on your map. Like most of the Shivering Isles it is inhabited by lunatics. One of these is Mirili Ulven. You can find her house on your close-up map, or track her down with the green arrow (after talking to one of the other loonies), if she is wandering about outside. Her obsession is with obtaining plants and other substances, mostly from the Isles.

She will give you a list of what she wants, and offer to pay you 10 gold for one sample of each. If you have been careful to store a couple of every item you have come across, you may have them already, but if you have only recently arrived on Shivering Isles you will need to go out and hunt for most of them. The advantage of this quest is that if you take it on early, you can locate many places that will be useful to you in the rest of the game.

Here is her list: Alocasia Fruit, Aster Bloom Core, Black Tar, Blister Pod Cap, Congealed Putrescence, Digestive Slime, Elytra Ichor, Flame Stalk, Fungus Stalk, Gas Bladder, Gnarl Bark, Grummite Eggs, Hound Tooth, Hunger Tongue, Hydnum Azure Giant Spore, Pod Pit, Rot Scale, Scalon Fin, Screaming Maw, Shambles Marrow, Swamp Tentacle, Thorn Hook, Void Essence, Watcher's Eye, Withering Moon, and Worm's Head Cap.