Stendarr's Mercy
Quest Information
Starting Location: Priory of the Nine Undercroft
Starting NPC: Sir Casimir
Possible Reward(s): Gauntlets of the Crusader

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After retrieving the Cuirass of the Crusader during the Priory of the Nine quest, you'll need to speak with all of the ghostly knights to learn more about the whereabouts of the remaining artifacts. A conversation with Sir Casimir will reveal that he knows how and where the gauntlets were lost. After returning from the War of the Red Diamond, Sir Casimir was changed and had a nasty temper. While tending to the needs of the Chapel of Stendarr in Chorrol, he struck a beggar and killed him. The sacred gauntlets fell from his hands and could not be picked back up by anyone. Casimir believes that they still might be in the chapel, so that's where you should start your search.

Entering through Chorrol's northern gate, travel the short distance to the southwest and enter the chapel. You'll find the gauntlets resting on the floor (surrounded by flowers and candles), but they're still too heavy for you to pick them up. If you inquire about them to Areldur, he'll tell you that they've become more of a novelty these days. He goes on to tell you what he knows about their history, adding that even Sir Casimir's descendants are afflicted by the curse of weariness. In fact, Areldur tells you that a descendant named Kellen has traveled here from Hammerfell seeking a cure. He's resting within the Chapel Hall, so you'll want to chat with him next.

Head down the stairs and enter the hall, then go through the west door to find Kellen resting on a bed. Kellen is convinced that Areldur is hiding something. He speaks to Kellen in such a way that it seems like he's apologetic or even guilty, and Kellen asks that you find out what it is. It doesn't take long to find out. Areldur immediately reveals that he knows how to break the curse - someone must take the curse on themselves to lift it from Kellen. Areldur cannot muster the strength to damn himself, so feels like a failure in the eyes of both Kellen and Stendarr.

But... what if you were to pray to Stendarr for the power to lift the curse? Using the Altar of the Nine right here in the chapel, you can do just that. Stendarr grants you a "Lay Hands" power that can be used to remove the curse from Kellen. When you do so, the "Curse of the Consumed" transfers to your body, which makes you weary and affects your overall fatigue.

You'll have to live with the curse, for now, but your selfless act has affected lives. Kellen immediately returns to the land of the living and is overcome with joy. He starts running around the chapel, laughing and shouting "look at me!". He then proclaims not to waste another second of his life and leaves the chapel to go see the world, but not before mentioning that he'll be forever indebted to you. Areldur can't believe that you were willing to sacrifice your own well-being without hesitation for a complete stranger. This causes him to question his decision in becoming a priest, and he leaves the chapel to "rethink his calling." His calling will lead him back to you soon enough.

In any event, you're now free to grab the Gauntlets of the Crusader from the floor of the chapel and continue your quest for the remaining relics.