Spell Tomes
Quest Information
Starting Location: N/A
Starting NPC: N/A
Possible Reward(s): N/A

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Installing Bethesda Softworks' official Spell Tomes plug-in doesn't actually add a quest to your journal, but we felt it was necessary to cover it as one anyway. Basically, the plug-in adds various tomes to the game's random treasure tables that can be used to add new spells to your character's repertoire. There are lot of new spells with interesting effects available in the 286 tomes the plug-in introduces, but it will most likely take you a long time to find them all.

To take advantage of a tome, simply use it and you'll be prompted whether or not you want to add the tome's spell to your list of available incantations. Once confirmed, the spell is immediately available for use. The tome itself doesn't get used up after you've taken advantage of it, so feel free to peddle it to any nearby shopkeeper once it's no longer of use to you.

If you're itching to know exactly which tomes this plug-in adds to the game, check out this section of our Oblivion equipment database.