Speechcraft Training
Quest Information
Starting Location: Bravil or Cheydinhal Chapel
Starting NPC: Varon Vamori or Gruiand Garrana
Possible Reward(s): Speechcraft Master Training

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When your Speechcraft skill is less than 40, you can receive training from the following NPCs:
  • Uravasa Othelas (Bravil Chapel)
  • Alga (Bruma)
When your Speechcraft skill is between 40 and 70, you must seek further training from the following NPCs:
  • Varon Vamori (Bravil)
  • Gruiand Garrana (Cheydinhal Chapel)
Once you've learned everything you can from the second tier trainers, speak with either of them about "Training" to learn that a master trainer exists that can teach you the most advanced techniques the skill has to offer. Tandilwe is her name, and you're told that she possesses a "true mastery of the spoken word."

To seek training from Tandilwe, you need to make your way to the Temple of the One in the Imperial City Temple District. As with the other master trainers, she isn't going to provide what you seek without presenting you with a task first. Unfortunately, her task is considerably lengthier than many of the others. She tells you that you must speak with "the unfortunate souls forced to beg for change" throughout Cyrodiil. Only after you've spoken with all of the town beggars will Tandilwe give you the training you need.

If you've already participated in any of the Thieves Guild quests, then you'll most likely have already spoken to many of the beggars. Unless you remember specifically which ones you've talked to, though, you're probably going to need to track them all down again just to be sure. There are a total of nineteen beggars scattered throughout the eight major cities:
  • Imus the Dull (Anvil)
  • Penniless Olvus (Anvil)
  • Cosmus the Chest (Bravil)
  • Wretched Aia (Bravil)
  • Fetid Jofnhild (Bruma)
  • Jorck the Outcast (Bruma)
  • Bruccius the Orphan (Cheydinhal)
  • Luckless Lucina (Cheydinhal)
  • Lazy Kaslowyn (Chorrol)
  • Nermus the Mooch (Chorrol)
  • Fralav the Faker (Imperial City Elven Gardens District)
  • Simplicia the Slow (Imperial City Market District)
  • No Coins Draninus (Imperial City Talos Plaza)
  • Ragbag Buntara (Imperial City Temple District)
  • Puny Ancus (Imperial City Waterfront)
  • Deeh the Scalawag (Leyawiin)
  • Rancid Ra'dirsha (Leyawiin)
  • Foul Fagus (Skingrad)
  • Nigidius the Needy (Skingrad)
All you have to do to meet Tandilwe's requirement is strike up a conversation with each of the beggars and then move on to the next. When all nineteen beggars have been visited, return to her and she'll agree to teach you what she knows about Speechcraft.