Sneak Training
Quest Information
Starting Location: Anvil or Imperial City Elven Gardens District
Starting NPC: Mirabelle Monet or Othrelos
Possible Reward(s): Sneak Master Training

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When your Sneak skill is less than 40, you can receive training from the following NPCs:
  • City-Swimmer (Bravil)
  • Glistel (Chorrol)
When your Sneak skill is between 40 and 70, you must seek further training from the following NPCs:
  • Mirabelle Monet (Anvil)
  • Othrelos (Imperial City Elven Gardens District)
Once you've learned everything you can from the second tier trainers, speak with either of them about "Training" to learn that a master trainer exists that can teach you the most advanced techniques the skill has to offer. Her name is Marana Rian, and you're told that she "uses the shadows like no other."

You'll find Marana either in the Imperial City Temple District or the Imperial City Waterfront, depending on what time of day it is. She's surprised to learn that you know about her skills and mentions something about "too many loose lips." Regardless, she agrees to train you if you're able to steal her favorite coin out of her pocket.

Use whatever stealthy maneuvers you can to pluck Marana Rian's Coin out of her pocket, then speak to her once again. She tells you that it's not the best job she's ever seen, but she'll still help you hone your technique, as promised.