Skingrad Recommendation
Quest Information
Starting Location: Skingrad Mages Guild
Starting NPC: Adrienne Berene
Possible Reward(s): Recommendation to Raminus Polus, Weak Fireball Spell

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As long as you're not a wanted criminal, the Mages Guild will accept you into their ranks. However, in order to gain access to the Arcane University in Imperial City, you must visit each of the seven extended cities and receive a recommendation from the local Mages Guild representative.

In the case of Skingrad, that representative is Adrienne Berene. Adrienne doesn't have a whole lot of time for you, but she does tell you that one of the guild mages, Erthor, has gone missing. He had borrowed some notes from her and she wants to consult with him about it. If you can get Erthor to return to the guild, you'll get her recommendation.

To learn more about the situation, talk with Sulinus Vassinus to learn that Adrienne told Erthor to practice somewhere else after the "awful scamp incident" he was involved with last year. Sulinus goes on to tell you that Erthor settled down at Bleak Flats Cave to continue his work, but he doesn't know how to get there. Ask Druja about the cave and she will mark it on your map to the northwest of Skingrad.

Before you leave for the cave, make another visit to Adrienne and remind her that she had chased him out of the guild. She asks you to travel to the cave and convince him to return and even teaches you the Weak Fireball spell in case you need to defend yourself along the way.

Make the uneventful trip to Bleak Flats Cave and then proceed inside. You'll have to hack your way through seven Deranged Zombies before you finally reach Erthor's room. If you haven't killed all seven zombies, Erthor will refuse to leave the cave. Once they're all dead, however, you can either escort Erthor all the way back to the guild or let him run back there himself.

Once Erthor is back at the guild safe and sound, you'll have to wait until he actually carries a conversation with Adrienne before she'll recognize you for completing the task. Ask her once again about the recommendation and she promises to send it - as soon as she finds time. What a sense of urgency!